Ennead Partner Thomas Wong featured in PBS Documentary "Keeping the Pinelands"

Ennead Partner Thomas Wong speaks about sustainability, renewable resources, and mass timber in the new PBS documentary, Keeping the Pinelands. The film explores how responsible environmental stewardship and collaboration with nature is key to the survival of our forests. It spotlights as a positive example the Ennead-designed Jean and Ric Edelman Fossil Park and Museum of Rowan University, which will be New Jersey’s largest public net-zero facility.

"This is the largest public building to be a net-zero facility in New Jersey. The use of wood is important because wood is a renewable resource. It is also a carbon sink: it takes carbon and CO2 out of the atmosphere and embeds it in the trees. While it's used here, all that carbon is still held in the material." - Thomas Wong

Following its premiere, the documentary is streaming here.

Keeping the Pinelands is a production of PCK Media, LLC for NJ PBS.