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In recognition of International Astronomy Day on April 29, 2023. catch up on recent news about Shanghai Astronomy Museum.

Shanghai Astronomy Museum was recently featured in a Dsign Something article about the connection between architecture and constellations. The article discusses how the design allows "viewers to witness astronomical phenomena with their own eyes" with the help of three main elements: The Oculus, The Inverted Dome, and The Sphere.

"The Oculus A large, gold reflector-paneled skylight in front of the museum's entrance creates a connection between space and time. when it comes to summer The afternoon light that shines through will converge with the circular patterns on the ground exactly. The Sphere , a large silver sphere planetarium, looks like it is rising above the horizon. Little by little, we can see the Sphere as we walk down the corridor. Before the space opened, the Sphere was seen hovering above the ground. creating excitement as if in a sci-fi movie scene In the building's main hall sits The Inverted Dome , with a spiral ramp leading visitors out onto the building's rooftop. The different levels of space help to obscure the skyline and surrounding buildings, allowing us to enjoy the night sky to the fullest. It is the epilogue to the museum experience."

See the full article here.

To view these elements and some of the museum's exhibits, watch the video below.